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Do you ever have those moments when you’re driving down the interstate, watching the landscape change and cars pass, and suddenly a good song comes on that perfectly captures your current place in life

Vasques & Delicate Arch. 

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" The sun is perfect and you woke this morning. You have enough language in your mouth to be understood. You have a name, and someone wants to call it. Five fingers on your hand and someone wants to hold it. If we just start there, every beautiful thing that has and will ever exist is possible. If we start there, everything, for a moment, is right in the world. "

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Foster’s camp spot.

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RESILIENCE. | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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The weekends are made for exploring mountain roads 🌿 (at Green Valley Lake Road )

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Rainy Pass ➾ Luke Gram

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Chilling in Arches National Park, in front of the famous Delicate Arch during the evening today. A hot, short hike, but well worth it. What a great way to wrap up my month of hiking across the West and visiting many of America’s natural wonders. 


Macdonald Creek Valley, Glacier National Park, Montana

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